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CFO Services to India based Businesses

Our CFO Service brings visible value to startup and small/medium businesses in the manufacturing sector, services sector, trading sector and other businesses where cash flow and the immediate needs of the business are critical considerations for the sustainability and growth of the business.

The CFO’s job is to provide strong internal controls, capable and efficient reporting systems and sound financial management and advice to the company and its owners the right strategy at the right time.

Our CFO services also provide essential attributes to the business and the management, like analytical, risk assessment, sensitivity analysis, and regulatory requirements. This helps in transforming information into knowledge (e.g., analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating activities) which in turn improves the quality or context of information for decision makers in an independent, objective environment.
The various services those can be provided depend upon the needs and requirement of the client and be broadly classified as under:


  • Daily Operations

The Day to day operations and its analytical information to the management as well as the senior executive staff help in taking the immediate corrective measures for the benefit of the entity.

  • Ongoing Financial reporting

This would include preparation of accurate and timely monthly financial statements and preparation of monthly budget-to-actual reports for the unit. This information helps in analyzing the monthly operations and planning for the ensuing time. Further this would also include the statutory requirements in Indian context, which includes sales tax, custom, excise, income tax, service tax and other reporting to central and state authorities as per the applicable provisions of law

  • Indian GAAP/ US GAAP/IFRS Reporting
  • Management Reporting
  • MIS
  • Recommendations on areas for improvement and future growth
  • Services related to cash improvement
  • Forecasts of income and expense

The ultimate goal of any enterprise is to earn profit and this requires lot of planning forecasting and taking up the requisite steps to improve the top line and bottom line. We suggest the steps that can be taken on a regular basis so that the ultimate goals of the unit are achieved.

Forecasts of sources and uses of cash

- Suggest ways to improve collections of receivables
- Asset control
- Recommendations on how to reduce overhead expenses
- Tax planning to meet legal requirements and minimize outflow of funds

Services related to lenders

- Prepare loan proposals and present them to lenders including banks
- Prepare business plans

Improve Your Bottomline

Good profits are the ultimate goal of any company. We’ll assess your company in totality and ensure to fetch the maximum profits for your organization.

You make profits when your revenues increase or the costs decrease or when both happen together. This is where you need to bank on us, wherein we give you excellent remedies for increasing your profits as our professionals have the experience of different industries and are competent to suggest way and means to improve the top line and bottom line.
Since profit optimization is also a process that needs to be worked upon systematically. Your profit and loss statement is scrutinized line by line to see if there are any opportunities to increase your revenues and slash your costs. The revenues and costs of your contemporaries are also taken into account and all the deviant factors contributing to lesser profits are identified and corrected by making a planned budget.

 Services related to Creditors

Assistance in working-out creditors payment schedules


Business Plan Assistance

Corporate Structuring

Sensitivity Analysis

Corporate Planning




  • Due diligence
  • Need Based Services
  • Compliance and tax planning
  • Pricing analysis and strategy
  • Workflow process development
  • Transaction structuring/reviews
  • Credit reviews
  • Litigation support
  • Resourcing /Training
  • Internal control improvement and implementation
  • Advice on asset purchases and disposal of surplus assets
  • Training, supervision and development of the accounting team
  • Tax-return preparation
  • Consultation on business strategies
  • Management Consultancy
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Process & Transformation  Outsourcing
  • M&A
  • Debt Restructurings
  • Indian Corporate regulatory compliances
  • Venturing New Business Set up

The possible services are not confined to the above-mentioned list. We try and work closely with you, understand your needs in the realms of finance, accounting and compliances, and provide you with custom made solutions.