Why should I outsource CFO Services?

NEED : Whenever an entrepreneur starts up a business he starts it with a vision and then acquires experience in it. He always dreams to make it big but is unable to observe the invisible obstacles in the growth of his business such as arranging cash, preparing budgets, meeting their working capital requirements etc. This is where a start up, SME’s or emerging companies require CFO to handle all such issues and do a hand holding for the entrepreneur to take them through the legal & financial jungle of business. For others the job of the entrepreneur is to look after the actual business. For the rest he can depend on us

Affordability : Since resources are scarce the business owner would want to use them in areas which would directly help in increasing revenues rather than appoint a full time CFO which can be an expensive decision particularly in the initial stages. Outsourcing of CFO thus helps in satisfying the need of a CFO at an affordable price to the business.

How will you decide the kind of services our company requires?

We will decide your needs by analyzing your business, the processes, operations and financial structure of the company. We will also study the past and current financial statements of your company. After that we shall provide you with a diagnostic report which will help you understand better the services required by your organisation. In other words a proper due diligence of your business shall be done by our team and then decisions shall be taken in consultations with you.

What will it cost hiring us?

Charges can be fixed for the entire project or monthly fees can be fixed. It would also depend upon the time to be devoted by us for your project which in turn will depend upon the services desired by your organization. In situations where quantum of work/efforts cannot be assessed, we charge a very reasonable rate for our services. We charge you only for the efforts put in by us. We also ensure that the benefits derived by you from our services are manifold as compared to the cost.

Does CFO Service include training of the staff?

We get pleasure in upgrading our client’s staff so that they can understand accounting and other related jugglery in a better manner and can perform their work in a better manner. The knowledge provided by us would help the company in improving their main resource i.e human capital by making them more confident and bringing improvement in their work.

 Why do SME’s and small business owners require a CFO?

SME’s and small business owners have to concentrate lot of their efforts on accounting of transactions rather concentrating on your key areas which can lead you to grow in your area of business. This is where ad when this SME’s and small companies need CFO’s which can look after their Financial structure and areas of improvement which can bring a drastic change in the profitability and future of the company.

Many SME’s and small Companies have ambitions to grow and have strategies in business in which they are dealing but are unable to manage there funds or organize their funds properly. They are always stuck in the vicious circle of earnings and their urge to grow there SME’s and small companies into big ones goes haywire. These companies require the services of true professionals i.e CFO’s who can guide them in taking proper financial decisions regarding arranging Funds, allocating them properly in an effective manner.

In addition to this CFO’s are equipped with skills knowledge and their vast experience in preparing financial models, interpreting financial statements and driving growth of companies.

Can the CFO Service provider undertake accounting work for us?

We do undertake accounting work, where the entire Finance & Accounts function is outsourced to us, in addition to the other CFO services.

Why only CFO services of SPMC?

 Our core business process expertise, approach to empowering people & world class service delivery can help support your current and future business objectives.

What really distinguishes SPMC in the business process outsourcing marketplace are three important factors: our core business process expertise, our approach to empowering people and our ability to partner with client and our world-class service delivery all of which are critical to helping clients manage more effectively and build shareholder value.


The business processes we manage are core competencies of our firm – finance / accounting, CFO services, applications process and human resources. These are areas where we excel and can bring client’s in-depth expertise, greater business value, and competitive advantage. We design, build, and manage these business processes on a holistic, end-to-end basis to improve performance and efficiency.


Clients like working with us because we team up with them to support their strategic business objectives and goals. We listen to our clients requirements, gain a deep understanding of their strategic business needs, and develop customized solutions that meet their individual requirements.


The People Power of our team is creating a Winning Culture for us with our Clients as we strongly believe that people and teamwork make all the difference in building shareholder value. Caring for people is very important, and we provide the company employees we hire with new and exciting career opportunities. Working side by side, we develop innovative business solutions that work within their cultures, and bring about meaningful changes that benefit customers, employees, and shareholders.