The most complicated thing about business is compliance to tax laws. This must be handled properly otherwise this can be a major obstacle in the growth. Any business has to comply with various tax laws depending on the location and constitution of the firm.

Tax laws can be divided into two segments namely direct tax laws & indirect tax laws.
Direct tax consists of basically the Income tax & Wealth tax. Income tax can be further broken down to personal income tax and corporate tax. Our CFO services would help your organization device efficient tax planning strategies in compliance with Income Tax laws of the land. Further, we would also educate, guide and support in various compliance & filing of required regular Returns with the tax Authorities. If the assignment requires we also file all the periodical relevant returns with the concerned authorities.

Indirect Taxes consist of basically Excise, Service Tax & VAT among others. These would require the precise systems & process to be set in the area of transaction accounting. Our CFO services would help in setting systems which in turn would assist in compiling data & generating reports which have to be periodically submitted to the tax departments.

CFO services shall also take the responsibility of advising on matters relating to assessment proceedings & litigation with the tax department.


Depending upon your requirements you may choose to carry out your business in a corporate form, in such case the two options you have is either to form a public limited company or a private limited company. Our CFO services will help you right from deciding the best option for you, getting approval for the name of your company to completing all the formalities in formation of the company.
Our CFO services shall further assist in meeting all the compliances required under the Company Law which includes maintaining statutory registers & minute books to online filing regular returns and financial statements with the Registrar of Companies.
CFO services shall also advice on various formalities and procedures which are to be followed in conduct of business as per the existing laws on day to day basis.


Any money coming into India or going out of India requires compliance of rules governed by Reserve Bank of India which are bit complex in nature and keep changing from time to time. We shall help in guiding as to what are the current rules which you must comply.
We offer dedicated services to NRIs & foreign companies to invest in India by meeting their RBI compliances. Also, we provide them information on investments which can come in through automatic route, investments which require RBI confirmation & investments which are prohibited, We also help in meeting their FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) requirements which they need to comply with.


Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is the governing body of Indian capital market. Any company wanting to access the capital market for raising money has to comply with the rules and regulations of SEBI. Our CFO services provide services to companies which plan to go public with an IPO or an FPO. We help them to meet requirements of the regulator & stock Exchanges for listing.
We also provide services to the listed companies in meeting their compliance with Stock Exchanges including filling their quarterly and annual results as per Listing Agreement.